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LOBO Bolts

LOBO Bolts

LOBO on Engine

Classic Ferrari Show judges are looking for LOBO! If you want to win shows, you have to use LOBO Bolts for your engine!

LOBO Bolts are the original manufacturer for Italian Autos.
This High-Quality Original Equipment is made specifically for Ferrari.
Grade 8.8. Made in Italy.

Many sizes have been discontinued from LOBO.
We carry the following types:
  • Cad 1 , which is a white silver color proper for early 1950-1980 Ferrari's.
  • Black Oxide , that is a Black Color Original for Ferrari.
  • Special Plating with Black Zinc , which is shiny in contrast to the Black Oxide version. The shine does tone down over time. Holds the advantage of not rusting.
Ferrari with LOBO
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