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Newco Products 

Newco Products was created in 1985 to fill a need for quality specialty fasteners. Over the years our customers asked us for help by providing different inventory to help with their needs.

The owner Neil Mangia trained for years to service and maintain Exotic Cars. He found in the late 1970-1980 that no one else specialized in the Fasteners and supplies one needs to do a Concours Restoration. Neil created Newco Products, to help with the needs of the automotive community. After many successful years Newco ventured out into expanding it's own inventory. 

From Specialty fasteners in 1984 to industrial Supply of Electrical Items DC Motors to help companies that produce handicap ramps and custom Vans. With our involvement of over 20 years helping companies our inventory has expanded to include Electrical Terminals, Plugs, Wire, Ty wraps, switches, traction springs, wire loom cover, heat shrink and more. Injection Molding and Extrusions of many types of Rubber Silicone, custom molds with competitive USA prices. 

About 15 years ago Newco Products started to fill the demands for JIS  Fasteners , Japanese Asian Fasteners for Industrial and Automotive applications. This has grown to include JIS Hex & Flange Bolts , Hex & Flange Nuts ,  hard to find JIS  screws in Zinc and Stainless and more .  One of the largest  JIS inventories in the USA , we continue to add and increase our product lines . 

Newco Products is a Stocking Distributors for Norma, ABA and Breeze Hose Clamps. Cohline & CRP,  German Rubber Hoses, providing exactly what customers may need for automotive usage. 

We strive for the best quality, always sourcing new high items, meeting our customer requests. 

We are dependable and responsible, our customers know we will deliver on time. We have  satisfied Customers who have been with us for the last 30 years.