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GTO Headlight & Panel Style
Machine Screws in Stainless Steel

275-330 Spydersl
M 4x12 Unpolished
M 4 x 12 Polished
M 5x16 Unpolished

These custom made machine screws are used for other applications

besides Headlight Covers. These can be used in the door jams, hold panels,

anywhere you need a low profile Italian Style Fastener.
Many uses besides Headlight Covers
The Head is almost the size of a dime, very low profile Italian Style.
  The M 4 screw is available Polished or Un-Polished.
M 5 is available only Un- Polished

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275-330 Spyders & Coupe

M 6x16 Slot Screw in Chrome

Holds Rear Backup Light & Front Turn Signals


Remade Water Valve Screw

(Click on image to enlarge)

  No Valve included!

Newco Products custom made this water valve screw to compliment reproductions or to replace original screws.

Ferrari 275 / 330 Convertible Top Kit


No more worries about corrosion or rust.
Newco has created a Convertible Fastener Replacement Kit for
275 & 330 GTS. This Kit includes Custom made hardware, shoulder bolts,
  washers, machine & sheet metal screws and more for the Top Bows
that is not available and the best part is that most of the Fasteners are Now in Stainless.

Pre-Packaged Top Fastener Set

Only the Fasteners are included, no canvas or top parts.


Brass Exhaust Hex Nuts
Newco Steel Distributor Nut, M 6 Tall

7 X 1.0 X 11 and 8 X 1.0 X 12 wrench

Holds the distributor drive unit
on to the back of the motor.
Newco Steel Hex Nut
Factory Yellow Insert Nylocks

Newco custom made Hex Nut M 8 x 1.0 with a 14 mm wrench, proper
for 1949 to late 1970's cars.

M5x.8 ZINC
M6x1.0 ZINC
M6x1.0 CAD 1
M10x1.0 ZINC
M10x1.0 CAD 1
M10x1.25 ZINC
M10x1.25 CAD 1

M10x1.50 ZINC
M10x1.50 CAD 1
M12x1.25 ZINC
M12x1.25 CAD 1
M12x1.50 CAD 1
M14x1.50 ZINC
M14x1.50 CAD 1
M16x1.50 ZINC
M16x1.50 CAD 1

Acorn Nuts
Knurled Nut Knobs for Air Box or Battery hold down

New Item!!!

Newco Products has reproduced the two-piece manifoild nut as a one-piece reproduction.
Available in CAD1.

ferrari 250 275 330 manifold nut

  250 M8x1.0 Water Manifold Casting Nuts

8x1.0x14 14 A/F (Wrench Size M14)
16.31 Tall

ferrari 250 275 330 manifold nut

  250, 275 & 330 M10x1.0 Manifold Nuts

10x1.0x17 17 A/F (Wrench Size M17)
18.36 Tall

Factory Cam Cover Acorns, with yellow nylon internal locking.

M06 Tall & Short
These have the Nylock Yellow Insert Inside which lock
We recommend you also replace the wave washers.


Now available in CAD 1!

V-12 Distributor M 6x20 Bolts

aBlack Oxide

Holds the distributor drive unit on
to the back of the motor.
Ferrari Caliper Metric Plug
Oil Drain Plug

Used on brake calipers on 308's

This can be used for oil or trans fluids on later cars.


Ferrari 275-330 center knock off emblem for 14" wheels-very limited quantity
available - Sold in sets of four for $350

Other Fasteners

Special Split Lock Wave Washers for Suspension
Flat Washers
Wave Washers
Tab Lock Washers
Stainless Split Lock Exhaust Washers
Intake Manifold Acorn Nuts
Castle Nuts- Low and High

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